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Общие аксессуары, вентиляционная установка


Fan Unit data cabinet

Таблица значений

Вентиляционные устройства

Характерные особенности

Fan unit

Roof fan, 1U, Weight 3.9 kg

Fan, capacity 160 cbm/h

For installation in all networking and server cab.

Control via connected thermostat

Thermostat and mounting material included

Rear sided mains connection via

non-heating appliance socket

(connection cable not included)

Rated voltage 230 V, 50 Hz

Illuminated switch ON/OFF

Material: steel sheet

Finish: RAL7035, light grey

Fan features:

Rated voltage 230 V, Frequency 50 Hz, Rated

power 22 W, Speed 2700 r/min, Noise level

44 dB(A), Air capacity 160 m³/h, Temperature

range -10 to +70 °C, Dimensions 119 x 199 x 38 mm

Other Accessories

Mounting equippment and other passiv elements for data racks for orderly and clearly cable routing pease find on page number 89.

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